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Edin Güçlü Sözer, PhD

Associated Professor of Marketing

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Dr. Edin Güçlü Sözer is an experienced executive and consultant teaching at Istanbul Okan University. Following his +20 years of professional and executive experience on marketing, sales and business development functions in the leading organizations of the banking industry, he provides consultancy services to the companies in the management, innovation, digital transformation, and marketing areas.

Marketing Blog

In addition to academic publications, you can read several articles in the marketing field to get some insights on the different areas of marketing  practices equivalent to the  service level quality of consultancy firms.


Please check the Marketing Blog section for the list of all marketing articles. 



Pazarlama Teorisi: Gelişimi ve Değişimi. Beta Kitap, 2019.

Strategic Excellence in Post-Digital Ecosystems: A B2C Perspective. Zea Books, Nebraska University, 2018.

The Dynamics of Sponsorship: Leveraging Brand Equity in Postmodern Markets. Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010.

Postmodern Pazarlama: Marka Çağında Liderlik için PIM Modeli. Beta Kitap, 2009.

Internet Ticareti: Yeni Ekososyal Sistem ve Ticaret Noktaları. Beta Kitap, 2003.

Research Articles

What About The Post-Scarcity Period? The Latent Effects of Scarcity Promotions. Pazarlama ve Pazarlama Araştırmaları Dergisi, 13(1): 49-74.

Relationship Marketing and Customer Based Brand Tolerance (CBBT): An Integrative Approach. SSRG International Journal of Economics and Management Studies, 7(1): 125-137.

Side Effects of Psychological Pricing: How Brand Trust is Affected? Türkiye Sosyal Araştırmalar Dergisi, 24(3): 718-733.

Determinants and Outcomes of Mobile App Usage Intention of Gen Z: A Cross Category Assessment. Beykoz Akademi Dergisi, 7(2): 239-265.

Customer Based Brand Tolerance (CBBT): Scale Development and Validation. Business & Management Studies: An International Journal, 7(5): 2610-2635.

Determinants and Outcomes of an Effective CRM Campaign: The Mediating Role of Skepticism. International Journal of Eurasia Social Sciences, 10(37): 726-752.

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